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windows 10 – Uninstall Adobe Illustrator CC – Super User – Changelog :

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Adobe photoshop cc 2017 wont uninstall free


Having so many brushes in the one place makes searching for what you want more difficult. You just need to restart Krita after adding the bundle. It works here on a Linux based Operating System. Denys 17 november , – Reply David, thank you so much for your efforts!

Also thank you for magnificant materials on how use and to twick Krita to meet one’s individual needs I’d like to share one trick i’ve found out rescently about digital sketching – I’ve read a lot of complaints and I felt the same with regards to ‘plastic’ feel of the device when draiwing with on a tablet’s plastic surface.

The trick to overcome it – just put a sheet of any paper you like on top of it’s surface and here you go – real paper feeling! On my side, I like extra smooth intuos3 overlay. Especially to digital paint. I just bought a intuos4 overlay to cover my intuos3 because intuos3 overlay sheets are out of production and I can’t adapt to the grainy feeling of intuos4 overlay sheet. I’m used to can paint 20h or more in a row without pain :-D.

Siegfried 22 november , – Reply Technology is not my strong suit, I downloaded your file, it is a. Siegfried 23 november , – Reply He he he Siegfried 23 november , – Reply Wait.

That’s what I did. Click the link under “Download the Bundle”. It only comes up as a compressed. I think internet explorer has issue with it in case you use it.

In this case, right click on the bundle, and “save as” or “save the target file as” or equivalent I don’t own internet-explorer. Good luck! Siegfried 24 november , – Reply That works. Thank you. Will you pretty please make it compatible, I really want to use your brushes. Stephie 24 november , – Reply That’s awesome! Thank you so much :. Beka 26 november , – Reply I can’t download the bundle : the link just opens a page with lots of strange symbols.

I still have an old brush set of yours, so its not that bad, but I would have liked to have this one, there are some pretty usefull looking new ones in there.

Normal if there is bugs and breakage. I’ll study how to adapt for 3. Fei 06 december , – Reply really thank you bro. Kacper 09 december , – Reply Wtf, how do I download this? I downloaded the zip file from the site you linked and when I tried importing into krita, it didn’t work.

It just opened the folder, and then I tried importing the folders inside the main folder, it just opened them, pls help. Kacper 09 december , – Reply oh nvrmind I did something wrong just don’t answer this comment I’m retarded lol. I might have something like this around. I’ll see if I can release before Holidays. Anista alpharo 12 december , – Reply Thank you so much for your efforts merci beaucoup et bon courage.

Tad Davis 23 december , – Reply Hi David, thanks so much for these. Quick question for you. Will the v8. If not, were you planning another update for these for the new release? Eric 06 january , – Reply Hi David, I just posted a comment that I downloaded the latest version 8. I assume you downloaded the source file because you said it’s a zip. I unzipped the file then renamed the folder to deevad-v Are you using another web browser Chrome, Firefox?

Maybe issues with IE 11? David Revoy Author , 06 january , – Reply Ha, that’s sounds like an issue of the browser. Yes, here I’m using last Firefox on Manjaro Linux. I can right click on the bundle and perform a ‘save-link-as’. You don’t need to extract the zip you have ; just rename it to deevad-v I’ll try to improve the download experience for the user of IE on the next brushkit update. David Revoy Author , 06 january , – Reply Ha good news! Thanks for the feedback.

Eric 06 january , – Reply David I figured out a workaround, as a suggestion for anyone else that runs into this issue: click on the download “deevad-v Change the defaulted. Tauka 24 december , – Reply Hello, David, enormous, big, fat thanks for your sharing!

However, I do not have opportunity to download it, the website seems down. Hope you make it work, good luck P. Chezz 26 december , – Reply Thank you so much for these David! And by the way it seems to be working fine on Krita 3. It happened when I gently drew a thin line but upon releasing the stylus, the line instantly becomes slightly thick and a little darker. This was resolved by just restarting Krita but I thought you ought to know.

I have downloaded the bundle but I cant figure out how to get them onto Krita Gemini. Eric 06 january , – Reply Hi is this compatible with Krita v 3. I downloaded and unzipped the file but when attempting to import, it doesn’t find any file to open. Scroptels Gluzar 09 january , – Reply Hey David, if i only want one of the brushes of your bundle the air brush how can i import that only?

The preset might require the brush-tip too. Scroptels Gluzar 09 january , – Reply Thank you very much :. Sarah 10 january , – Reply Thank you so much for this amazing brushkit!

I thought you want to know 😀 Greetings from Germany. Nova 15 january , – Reply Ok, wait I figured out that is is an issue with my Browser, everyone who has the same problem: Try with Chrome or Explorer :. But bundle are already zip. Non-sens layer on top of non-sens Luna 16 january , – Reply Thank you for making these brushes : you are awesome thanks.

Fran 22 january , – Reply Thank you for sharing Alex 29 january , – Reply Thank you! The brushes are amazing! Katherine 06 february , – Reply Thank you for sharing these I’ve only just begun dabbling with Krita, so I’m a bit of a no0b with it – but it’s a pretty slick program to paint with. Doesn’t feel like it’s trying to fight me so much. You are very inspiring too, love your stuff.

If I load your brushes, will I loose the Krita’s ones? Jennifer 12 february , – Reply Hi, I don’t know if you know the answer to this. But after installing your brush kit, I now get this short horizontal line right under my brush cursor and I can’t make it go away no matter what brush I use. I’m still new to Krita, so any ideas? Also thank you so much for sharing your brush sets!!! Maybe you use a system with auto-update and a system update changed your graphic driver?

Maybe it was so close in the timeline with installing the preset it suddently was related? Let me know! Jennifer 12 february , – Reply I think you may be right! I looked at my recently installed programs, and my graphics driver automatically updated the same night I installed the brush kit.

Unfortunately, Windows 10 likes to keep automatically updating when I try to rollback the driver, so I haven’t been able to test it to see if that’s the reason for sure. But I think it is. When I have more time I’ll try to find a way to fix that. Moving your brush kit to “inactive bundles” doesn’t solve the problem.

Thank you for your advice! Jackie 13 february , – Reply Just getting started with Krita and I love every one of these brushes. Thank you so much for your generosity. Appreciate it! Joel 19 february , – Reply Spectacular! I’ve always preferred the brush engine in Krita but I’d get so bogged down trying to modify my own brushes that I never really worked with the program as much as I wanted.

Now I can just start painting. I’m very grateful for your efforts and expertise. Michael Ivarsson 01 march , – Reply not having any luck with the brush bundle installation.. Let us get this straight, is the deevad-v It looks interesting, I managed to download the zip extract the bundle file withing, but I just extracted to desktop and then located the bundle from there and installed through the manager, I can see the deevad 8.

Raincole 02 march , – Reply I just started learning Krita and this brush set amazed me! I just want to say you’re my hero. Barz 06 march , – Reply You’re basically my hero. Michel Montenegro 08 march , – Reply How can I use the “Blending” brush, I can not make the transition as it appears in the image, everything is blurred. David Revoy Author , 08 march , – Reply Blending needs a particular attention to the direction of the stroke and preserving the edges. The stroke must follow your volumes. Michel Montenegro 08 march , – Reply There are other gifs like this for the other brushes, it was very illustrative!

Michel Montenegro 08 march , – Reply Should I press and rub the brush? To rub the blend as in gif? Michel Montenegro 08 march , – Reply David the Blend brush, should I rub in “zig and zag”, or give light strides? David Revoy Author , 09 march , – Reply Yes, cross hatching gently in a direction and on another angle helps to smooth. The direction are selected to follow the plane of the surface. Training with this type of shape box helps. Revoy, From Baltimore, Maryland. ArtfulButterfly 08 march , – Reply Thank you so much sir for these brushes!!!

You are the most generous artist ever! And my favorite too! I would never have gotten back to painting if i hadn’t seen your videos and website! David Revoy Author , 09 march , – Reply Thanks for the feedback! Jennifer 09 march , – Reply Thank you so much for your brush presets!

I just started with krita and find your brush pack to be a perfect starting point. Barbara 09 march , – Reply Thank you very much! Ugo Yak 11 march , – Reply Do you have plans to add your new “Charcoal Pencils” brushes in this bundle in future? Thanks for all! Megalodon 14 march , – Reply Absolutely fucking amazing. Thank you so much David. Carro 15 march , – Reply Hi! I have a question, I’m using Krita 3. I wonder if there is maybe a newer version that I have to update to, and if so, will my old unfinished art work not be able to open in the new version?

I don’t know if this made any sense, but it would be really nice if you could answer this. And your art is really beautiful, I appreciate what you do. They can’t broke anything. If your Krita works well for 3.

The next version 3. Your old unfinished art should be safe! It works like a brush and puts down paint UNLESS the user hits the E key to turn it into an eraser just like all other brushes can be turned into erasers. I loaded an empty configuration vanilla Krita 3. What version of Krita do you use and on what system? Also, check if you don’t have a local modification of the brush in your paintoppresets local folder. It would override the one in the bundle Borhan 20 march , – Reply As you mention this is quite a manual based approach and can see using it only for really demanding requirements.

Was wondering if you can also recommend any good fonts that you would recommend for a similar, if admittedly not quite as good, effect? Money 22 march , – Reply You’re so kind thank you so much. Tbh you inspire me to do more and more! Of course I know Drawpile : I tested it last month for the release of the appimage version ; that’s very cool. I like the project ; but I never could try it in network. I found the GUI to do the first connection a bit hard to understand. Somehow, I was expecting something like videogames “server list” on start ; just a list of server with amount of user, and a name for the theme.

I even don’t know if it’s possible to make it this way. Maybe I can chat on a IRC channel? I guess drawpile on freenodes? Holo 06 april , – Reply OMG!

It’s a big honor that you used it! I can put you in direct contact with the main developer to listen your opinions! He will get pretty excited about that! I’m sure! You are like a hero for us juejuejue My discord is sorry for the nickname, is because my brother gift me a sword with that name Holocausto Have a great day David!

Holo 07 april , – Reply Well it’s a bit complicated tbh, but the main channels we use to communicate directly and in a friendly way is Facebook and Discord mainly. I told to Calle the main developer about your reply yesterday, and he was pretty excited to hear feedback and ideas from you Mr. We try to make a nice place in where ppl can join and discover the joy of draw with more ppl n.

It was such a beautiful experience, and I want that more ppl can access to it n. Sorry I tend to speak a lot when I’m excited! Please Mr. David give us a glance n. Have a lovely day. Dixie 12 april , – Reply These are fantastic! Profissional Web 18 april , – Reply I have no words. Thanks for sharing this. Alexandra 01 may , – Reply Thank you so so much for sharing!! Bursty 16 may , – Reply Thank you so much!

I just started using Krita and I have no money for patreon tutorials or better programs. Bravo my friend. Monika 19 june , – Reply Highly energetic blog, I liked that a lot off. Brian 20 june , – Reply Thank you for all this. I have discovered by accident that the overview of your brushes make an excellent mini-tutorial on how to use Krita, or art software in general.

Many young artists who have doodled in their homework all their lives only know how to use a pencil. These little examples of what the tools do is a great way to get them started. John Collado 20 june , – Reply Hi David I really enjoy watching and learning from your videos, you have a new, fresh approach to painting that I really enjoy and would like to incorporate into my work flow.

I look forward to future videos. Stay well. Thomas 21 june , – Reply Thank you David A true artist and a gentleman. The spirit of Open Source makes the most generous people. Your videos are amazing. Continue to inspire us all. Agatha 28 june , – Reply OMG!

I love you Thank you so much! Arthur Ella 28 june , – Reply Hello David. I just wanted to for all these amazing brushes. The brushes will be very useful. Thanks a lot. Scarlet 28 june , – Reply Do you have any for a different version? Can you describe what step you made for it to not work? Encore une fois, merci beaucoup. Ember 09 july , – Reply Wow! All of these brushes are simply amazing! One question though, the blend tool sometimes decreases the opacity of the stuff I’m using it on Is that intentional?

Can you tell me more about it? Ember 09 july , – Reply Hmmm Thanks for the speedy reply! It’s a pleasure if I can bring more quality to the brush-kit. D-Queazius 18 july , – Reply I was wondering if I could temporarily delete the default brush pack and use yours instead. I tried putting all the default brushes in a bundle and making that bundle inactive, but it didn’t work. Is there at least a way to only show your brushes in the “brush presets” panel? David REVOY Author , 18 july , – Reply There is two way : first one is to delete the original brushes using the trashcan icon in the brush preset docket , the one button in the top toolbar , just next to the brush editor , the other way is to show only the tag “deevad” of my brush kit a drop down list on the top of the brush preset docker.

D-Queazius 19 july , – Reply Thanks! I’m on my way to start painting a drawing of Tyrion Lannister I sketched out. Wish me luck! Leigh 19 july , – Reply Thank you for the brush pack! Since discovering Krita I haven’t even looked at my paid-for painting app – your brush pack is “la cerise” on top of this awesome program!

I was having trouble importing brush packs and I figured it out after looking at this. I don’t think I was looking properly though Still the brushes in this pack look very good and since I am new to Krita it will probably add a lot more to it. Again, thank you! Christian 21 july , – Reply Thank you so much! These brushes are very useful! Fatima Al-Musawy 21 july , – Reply Thank you so much, the brushes are very useful, and I had fun using them.

Alex 23 july , – Reply Major thanks for your generosity in making these available – am having fun with them! Sarah S. Highly appreciated. Echoris 09 august , – Reply I have a windows 10 computer and I downloaded them. Im not sure what I do after they are downloaded I open it up and what do I do after that? IvanO 14 august , – Reply Thnx bro! I download yor bruskit-v8, but when I try to put it in krita Cameron 17 september , – Reply I cant tell you how grateful I am David. You have given me all of the resources that I have used for my digital artwork.

You ARE making a big difference in the creative work. Alqua 28 september , – Reply Bonjour David, Merci pour votre travail, j’aime beaucoup votre site.

Est-ce qu’il y a moyen d’utiliser ces brush avec photoshop par hasard? Emci 29 september , – Reply Hey i follow the install guide but when i want to import the zip file krita dont show it to me.

Extract deevad-v8. Endelean 16 october , – Reply I’m a noob artman with no idea what I’m doing so thank you so much! Cynthia Harrington 27 october , – Reply Beautiful work! Thank you SOOO much! I can’t wait to use some of them! Alexander Esene 01 november , – Reply Thank you so much for these! Open source allows users or organizations … Open Not rated yet Open Open may refer to any of the following: In general, open refers to something that can be accessed or viewed. When referring to computer … Online Shopping Not rated yet Online Shopping The process of searching for and purchasing goods and services over the Internet through the use of a web browser is known as online … Online Payment Service Not rated yet Online Payment Service An online payment system is a company and service to assist in making a financial transaction to another person or company … Online Banking Not rated yet Online Banking Online banking is an Internet-based service offered by many banks and credit unions.

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The method … Data Not rated yet Data In general, data is any set of characters that is gathered and translated for some purpose, usually analysis. It was designed to test a chatterbot’s ability to simulate … Chatbot Not rated yet Chatbot Alternatively referred to as a chatbot, a chatterbot is a software program or script designed to simulate a real person’s conversation. E and other bots that are based on A. A botmaster is responsible for keeping the bot online, making … Bixby Not rated yet Bixby Created in to compete with voice assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, Bixby is a digital assistant for Samsung smartphones … Automation Not rated yet Automation Automation is the use of technology to accomplish a task with as little human interaction as possible.

In computing, automation is usually … Alice Not rated yet Alice Alice may refer to any of the following: Alicebot or Alice is a natural language artificial intelligent robot programmed with AIML Artificial … Big Data Not rated yet Big Data Big data is a term that describes the process of handling and analyzing evolving data that is in the petabyte and exabyte range.

The feature … System 7 Not rated yet System 7 An Apple Macintosh operating system that contains virtual memory, multitasking, hotlinks, and TrueType fonts. System 7 was also the first … System Not rated yet System A system may refer to any of the following: When referring to a computer, system or system unit is used to distinguish the complete computer. When referring to an Apple Macintosh, … Puck Not rated yet Puck A puck may refer to any of the following: A puck is a computer input device that contains glass or magnified glass with a crosshair, allowing … Programmer’s Switch Not rated yet Programmer’s Switch A programmer’s switch is a button found on some models of Apple Macintosh computers that may allow an individual to access a command … Click here to write your own.

It enabled users to wirelessly sync e-mails, contacts, … Mission Control Not rated yet Mission Control A feature on the Apple macOS X that gives an overview of what is currently running on the computer.

It was introduced as part of the iOS 12 update in Introduced in September , the rotationally symmetrical 8-pin Lightning … Launchpad Not rated yet Launchpad Launchpad is a feature found in Apple’s macOS operating system. It is a launcher that displays all applications installed on your Mac. Mac is a group of online services from Apple computers. Mac … iPad Not rated yet iPad Officially announced on January 27, , the Apple iPad is a tablet-style computing device, as shown in the picture.

The devices have similar … Click here to write your own. It features a basic interface with a timeline, … iMessage Not rated yet iMessage iMessage is an instant messaging service created by Apple. It enables Apple Macintosh computer users to create and burn their … iCloud Not rated yet iCloud iCloud is a cloud service from Apple that allows photos, documents, and other media to be stored on Apple cloud servers. It may be … iBeacon Not rated yet iBeacon iBeacon is an indoor proximity system trademarked by Apple.

It is a technology that enables an iOS device or other hardware to send push notifications … Hybrid Not rated yet Hybrid Hybrid may refer to any of the following: In general, hybrid refers to anything that is made of two or more things.

It listens for voice commands when it hears … Home Button Not rated yet Home Button Home may refer to any of the following: On the Internet, home could refer to the main page of a site, more commonly known as the homepage. It requires downloaded software to be digitally signed by … GarageBand Not rated yet GarageBand GarageBand is music production software created by Apple.

It was initially released in as part of iLife. With HTML aqua or cyan is represented … App Store Not rated yet App Store In general, an app store is an app that enables a user to find software, and install it on their computer or mobile device. It’s a collection … Applications Not rated yet Applications An application may refer to any of the following: Application and app are synonymous with the word “program” when talking about software … Apple Watch Not rated yet Apple Watch The Apple Watch is a wearable computing device made by Apple.

It was designed to allow users of the Apple operating system to make … Apple Pencil Not rated yet Apple Pencil Released in as an accessory for the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil is a wireless stylus that works on select Apple devices. Using FaceTime, a … Click here to write your own. Since their inception, … App Not rated yet App App may refer to any of the following: Alternatively referred to as a mobile app, an app is a program developed for smartphones or tablets … Animoji Not rated yet Animoji An Animoji is an animated emoji released with the iOS 11 version of the mobile Apple operating system.

It provides the user with a standard … iPhone Not rated yet iPhone An iPhone may refer to any of the following: The iPhone is a smartphone created by Apple that was announced on January 9, It is used as a to create special characters and as a modifier for other command … Safari Not rated yet Safari Safari is an Internet browser that was first introduced on June 30, , and is included with Apple macOS X and the iPhone. It is also available … Extension Not rated yet Extension An extension may refer to any of the following: In general, an extension is a part that is added to something that extends or enlarges … Terminal Not rated yet Terminal Terminal may refer to any of the following: On Apple computers and many Linux computers, the Terminal is an interface that allows you … QuickTime Not rated yet QuickTime Developed by Apple and initially released on December 2, , QuickTime is software that allows a computer user to play movie files.

It provides the user with a standard … Click here to write your own. What is Security Camera? What is Ware? What is Holy Grail Layout? What is … What is Tinder?

Not rated yet What is Tinder? Released in , Tinder is a popular smartphone app for online dating. It allows users to create a profile with pictures and a biography … What is a Fab?

Not rated yet What is a Fab? Fab may refer to any of the following: With integrated circuits and semiconductors, a fab is a term commonly used to describe a … What is Time Machine?

Not rated yet What is Time Machine? Not rated yet What is Adobe Bridge? It allows users to import a … What is Chroma key? Not rated yet What is Chroma key?

Commonly applied in video compositing, a chroma key is a technique for creating a mask around an object automatically using a … What is Curved Monitor? Not rated yet What is Curved Monitor? A curved monitor, or curved display, is a computer monitor or television that has a curve to it, instead of being flat. The … What is Adobe Lightroom? Not rated yet What is Adobe Lightroom? First developed in , Adobe Lightroom is a professional image editing software for macOS and Windows computers.

Unlike … What are Smart Glasses? Not rated yet What are Smart Glasses? Smart glasses are a type of wearable device that utilizes AR augmented reality to add digital displays to glasses. Most … What is an Organization? Not rated yet What is an Organization? Organization may refer to any of the following: An organization is collection of people who work together with a common … What is Escalate? Not rated yet What is Escalate?

With computers, troubleshooting, and support, escalate, or an escalation, is a process of involving someone with more training, … What is Grid? Not rated yet What is Grid? Grid may refer to any of the following: A grid is a structure of intersecting lines or bars. It is used as a guide to divide and … What is Viewport?

Not rated yet What is Viewport? Viewport may refer to any of the following: In 3D graphics, the viewport is the area of the interface that allows the user to … What is Auto Rotate? Not rated yet What is Auto Rotate? Auto rotate is a feature on smartphones and tablets that matches the screen’s orientation with the device’s actual orientation.

Not rated yet What is Pen Tool? In graphic design software, the pen tool creates vector graphics using mathematical points and curves. Unlike the brush tool, which … What is Holy Grail Layout? Not rated yet What is Holy Grail Layout? The holy grail layout is a layout model commonly used in web design.

It features a header area at the top of the page and … What is Ware? Not rated yet What is Ware? In general, a ware or wares is a product s or tool s. With computers, “ware” is often a suffix that’s used in conjunction with another … What is Security Camera?

Not rated yet What is Security Camera? A security camera is a hardware device that takes pictures or records video, either indoors or outdoors, for purposes of … What is a Dedicated? Not rated yet What is a Dedicated? Dedicated is a term that describes a person or thing devoted to a single function, purpose, or service. What is PowerToys? What is an Exclamation Mark?

What is WireGuard? What … What is IT infrastructure? Not rated yet What is IT infrastructure? IT infrastructure is the setup and installation of a facility’s hardware, software, and network required for a business … What is Loot box? Not rated yet What is Loot box? A loot box is a software feature used in computer games as a random reward system. Similar to a slot machine in a casino, loot boxes … What is Microsoft Teams? Not rated yet What is Microsoft Teams? Developed in , Microsoft Teams is a program included in the Microsoft Office suite of business applications.

It combines … What is MariaDB? Not rated yet What is MariaDB? Not rated yet What is tmux? It enhances the functionality of a … Click here to write your own. What is Facebook Portal? Not rated yet What is Facebook Portal? Initially released in , Facebook Portal is a family of smart home devices sold by Facebook.

Portal devices connect to … What is an Online Payment System? Not rated yet What is an Online Payment System? An online payment system is a company and service to assist in making a financial transaction to another person … What is GameMaker Studio?

Not rated yet What is GameMaker Studio? Not rated yet What is GnuCash? GnuCash is free, open-source accounting software that offers features similar to the commercial accounting software Quicken. GnuCash … What is Retail? Cubase 5 elicenser Make sure that your computer has a working Internet connection.

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Keyboard Function Keys | Computer Keys | Keyboard Shortcuts.Solved: How may I uninstall Photoshop CC ? (I don’t se – Adobe Support Community –


Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Few months ago i had to install Adobe Illustrator CC for user, who had Adobe account with license. Now this user is away and i need to clean that computer. But it only opens “Creative Cloud” window where страница needs log-in information.

Or “No internet connection” if no network connected Can i uninstall without finding someone with account? The Adobe article Uninstall Creative Cloud apps has these instructions:.

In the Installed Apps section, find the app that you want to uninstall. Then, click the arrow next to Open or Update. In the list that appears, click Manage. If this fails for some reason, you might download from Adobe and use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and adobe photoshop cc 2017 wont uninstall free to the top.

Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more about Teams. Asked 3 years, 8 months ago. Modified 3 years, 8 months ago. Adobe photoshop cc 2017 wont uninstall free ссылка times. Improve this question. Andrei Andrei 2 2 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default.

Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Click the Apps tab to display a list of installed apps. Click Uninstall. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Improve this answer. Ok, that’s useful, other Adobe Creative instructions was claiming i can uninstall software by normal user means from Add or Remove programs, which посмотреть больше not to be true.

So how do i get Adobe ID? The id is supposed to exist already. Does the desktop app request it? Yes, desktop app is not logged in and presented me with login screen. Ideally you should login with the same id as before. If you don’t know the id, or if you know it but not the password and don’t have access to the email for the “Forgot password?

I gave it my Gmail data and it let me uninstall Adobe Illustrator. Then i was able to uninstall Creative Cloud normally. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown.

The Overflow Blog. Can you stop your open-source project adobe photoshop cc 2017 wont uninstall free being used for evil? Related 2. Hot Network Questions.

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