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One of the most obvious things that can show the strain of being at your computer for a period of time is your eyes. Proper configuration can make viewing more comfortable, especially you are at your computer for prolonged periods of time. An old Dell Studio One desktop we have here, is one such system without external controls for brightness and contrast. Laptops and netbooks should have a dedicated Fn key combination or utility from the manufacturer for brightness.

Windows sometimes has a brightness slider in the notification area or the system power plan. ClickMonitorDDC is probably the most powerful utility of its type and it adjusts the real settings of your monitor. This can be expanded to include red, green and blue sliders if your monitor has a User profile.

If available, the User profile can be selected from the top drop down in the lower left corner. Besides using the sliders, numbers or the mouse wheel in the user interface to adjust the settings, there are also icons in the system tray showing the current values. Hovering over any of the tray icons and scrolling will alter that specific value on the fly. ClickMonitorDDC has a vast array of settings tiny top-left button to control a number of options. These include tray icons and colors, mouse wheel commands, hotkeys, add commands to the tray icon context menu, timers and limits, and autorun commands when a specific program is run.

There is a portable or setup installer version. If you are looking for a simple slider to adjust screen brightness and require no extra functions or features, this is a useful option. Despite the name, Win10 Brightness Slider also works on Windows 7 needs. NET Framework 4 or higher and Windows 8. The program just sits as an icon in the tray notification area and left clicking on it will popup the brightness slider. A second or third slider will be available if you have a multiple monitor setup.

Make sure to put the program in a permanent location before enabling run on start as the tool will be launched from its current location. Download Win10 Brightness Slider. Gamma Panel actually dates way back to but still seems to work fine in Windows It should be good for users who want to change a bit more than just the standard brightness of their display.

In addition to brightness, Gamma Panel can also adjust gamma and contrast with the added ability to allow each of the Red, Green and Blue colors to be tweaked individually or all together.

Another useful option is creating different profiles that can be activated with a pre-defined hotkey. You can, for example, set up a night profile or a reading profile and activate it when you feel the need by pressing the key combination or from the right click tray menu.

Download Gamma Panel. Windows 10 has a built-in display temperature feature called Night Light. Your location can be entered during the first run of the program, this can be a city name, a zipcode or coordinates if you know them. While you can just leave the default settings and the program will work fine, there are a number of options for tailoring the colors and temperatures to your liking.

There are several preset colors available at the top right drop down, a custom warmness slider, effects and extra colors in the settings menu and options for setting up f. Download f. ScreenBright is a free and portable tool that can adjust the brightness, contrast, color luminance and color temperature of your display.

There is no reset option in ScreenBright so make sure you note down the default settings before you start. ScreenBright also has support for command line arguments so you can use it in shortcuts, scripts or even set up a scheduled task.

Download ScreenBright. Hi, Is there any software that allows to manage the picture mode like movie-normal-nightmode functions of monitor that are normally accessible only by buttons on monitor. Is there another software just like Gammy?

Gammy is great but its behaviour is undefined with multiple monitor setups. I inform you that the soft called Eye Saver 2. Best, Fabio. Can any of these programs be used to set brightness automatically at a certain time of the day? You can change your brightness depending on the time of day. It even adjusts per-monitor if you want. Not automatically, but Gamma Panel allows you to save different modes, and assign a keyboard shortcut for each one of them, so shifting between those modes can be as easy as a key combination whenever needed.

I had been searching for this kind of software for about half a month It is very great. I am very greatful to the developers. I downloaded the 4 Gamma Panel, and created a basic task on Task Scheduler that auto-run this program when Windows boot. It works perfectly! Desktop Lighter works for me after the Windows 10 update killed the brightness control. Battery endurance is still an issue, however I can at least work in the evening using the dimmer.

I have been trying to get my monitor to where I could see the text on the screen for days. Your information solved my problem.

Thank you very much for the info and links. These slider bars do not give me the resolution I need for my particular application. You may try Free Monitor Manager.

It supports multi-monitor configurations and allows to change monitor settings using global hotkeys. I tried a bunch of these and found that only iBrightnessTray works on my Thinkpad W How can you put f.

The Desktop lighter was pissing me off the most. I found a tool similiar to screenbright, but more easy to use: ClickMonitorDDC is a portable freeware tool to adjust brightness or contrast of a DDC compatible monitor by simply clicking a dynamic notification icon in the taskbar tray area, also supports shortcut icon command-line arguments clickmonitorddc. But no-one seems to have observed that there are two very different ways of achieving this. Most of the above work by lowering the image brightness.

What is needed if you want to save power and maximise the life of your backlight is to lower the backlight power. So far, the only free one I have found that does this is iBrightness Tray.

Working that way also gives a much better brightness range. Gama panel does not work with windows 7. Once you reboot your pc, all settings an hotkeys are lost and it reverts to default — rather useless. Not sure what your problem is but Game Panel is working perfectly fine on Win 7 bit.

Saves the profiles and hotkeys OK and they can be selected without issue on reboot. For me RedShift seems to be the best because in one software I have F. Thank you ray, I had to change brightness and contrast every day and night, by pressing these monitor buttons according to background light, These tools are very good and more than my expectation…. Thanks very much Raymond! God bless! Greg 1 year ago. Piseth Chan 1 year ago.

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Relax Your Eyes With These Brightness Control Software For Windows 10

The program just sits as an icon in the tray notification area and left clicking on it will popup the brightness slider. ScreenBright also has support for command line arguments so you can use it in shortcuts, scripts or even set up a scheduled task. You can change your brightness depending on the time of day.


Dimmer – Adjust the brightness of all monitors, screens and displays

Set the brightness of the display to a desired level. Your device will revert to its previous brightness setting/level once the app is closed. Brightness control software for all your monitors Dimmer is a small and free application for Windows, designed to help control the brightness.


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