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Signature updates for a number of network scanning applications are now available. It can also be detected in passive mode by sniffing broadcast domains for repeating ARP requests. Prior to the release of Microsoft knowledgebase article KB, [73] US-CERT described Microsoft’s guidelines on disabling Autorun as being “not fully effective” and provided a workaround for disabling it more effectively. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Computer worm. This article’s factual accuracy may be compromised due to out-of-date information. Please help update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. March Wikinews has related news: Conficker computer worm infections soar.

The New York Times. Archived from the original on 18 May Retrieved 27 August Archived from the original on 25 February Retrieved 23 April BBC News Online.

Archived from the original on 16 January Retrieved 16 January Archived from the original on 2 March Archived from the original on 30 June Retrieved 30 June Government Computer News. Archived from the original on 20 February Retrieved 29 March The Register. Archived from the original on 10 August Retrieved 10 August BBC News.

Archived from the original on 17 December Retrieved 2 February Archived from the original on 14 December Retrieved 25 April Archived from the original on 21 January B worm”. Archived from the original on 22 January Retrieved 22 January Retrieved 3 August Archived from the original on 3 March Retrieved 15 April Titan Rain — Operation Firewall.

Sony BMG copy protection rootkit scandal. Cyberattacks on Estonia Operation: Bot Roast. Operation Troy WebcamGate — Shatter attack Kaminsky DNS cache poisoning sslstrip Bagle NetSky Sasser Mydoom. Storm ZeuS. Asprox Patched Agent. Conficker Koobface Waledac. Categories : Computer worms Hacking in the s.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read View source View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Her demeanour seems little changed, and she has low regard for human life, but in the episode’s coda , she sheds remorseful tears for all the millions of deaths she has caused. However, The Master John Simm is aboard the ship and has initiated the cybermen’s genesis. Missy’s loyalties are torn between The Doctor and her old self.

After initially betraying The Doctor, she later stands alongside him against a Cyberman army, literally stabbing her past self causing The Master to regenerate. Enraged at Missy becoming The Doctor’s ally, The Master shoots Missy with his laser screwdriver, ostensibly disabling her ability to regenerate and killing her. During ” Spyfall ” the Thirteenth Doctor seeks out a former MI6 agent known as ‘O’ Sacha Dhawan who reveals himself as a new incarnation of The Master during the cliffhanger, having killed the real O and assumed his identity.

She lived throughout Gallifrey’s civilization and had her memory wiped on at least one occasion. The Master attempts to kill the Lone Cyberman and persuades the Cyberium, an AI containing all Cybermen knowledge and history, to use his body as a host. Using the Cyberium, the Master creates a new Cyberman race with regenerative abilities from dead Time Lords. The Doctor fails to defeat The Master using the “Death Particle”, which can destroy all organic life on a planet.

Ko Sharmus, the Boundary guardian, blames himself for the new Cybermen race as he was responsible for hiding the Cyberium and failed.

Dhawan’s Master is set to return in the centenary special. Delgado’s portrayal of The Master was that of a suave and charming sociopathic individual, able to be polite and murderous at almost the same time. His design is a homage to the classic Svengali character: a black Nehru outfit with a beard and moustache. Aspects of Simm’s portrayal of The Master parallel David Tennant’s Doctor, primarily in his ability to make light of tense situations and his rather quirky and hyperactive personality.

According to the producers, this was done to make The Master more threatening to The Doctor by having him take one of his opponent’s greatest strengths, [37] as well as making the parallels between the two characters more distinctive.

Michelle Gomez maintained Simm’s portrayal of the character, specifically the psychopathic behaviour and inappropriate emotional responses to certain situations. She also portrayed the original traditions of ruthless, murderous behaviour and grandiose, Machiavellian criminal intelligence that have been consistent throughout all incarnations.

However, she also displayed a much more coquettish manner, with her new female identity allowing her to fully express aspects of The Master’s ambiguous bond with The Doctor as previously explored by Simm’s incarnation in “The Sound of Drums”. She is also well aware that she is even more dangerously psychopathic than before, describing herself as “Bananas” to UNIT agent Osgood right before killing her ” Death in Heaven “.

However, when circumstances result in Missy being kept in a vault and monitored by The Doctor after an averted execution, Missy actually comes to show signs of remorse for what she had done in the past, to the point that she prepares to side with The Doctor over her own past self ” The Doctor Falls “.

Dhawan’s Master returns to The Master’s love of evil for the sake of being evil, proclaiming at one point that he kills because he’s good at it and asking why he should ever stop. While expanded media at least suggests that he is the incarnation after Missy, he often acts more like a dark counterpart to the Eleventh Doctor, talking rapidly about his plans but appearing genuinely dangerous when pushed. He perceives this as creating a twisted link between The Doctor and himself. Both The Doctor and The Master have been shown to be skilled hypnotists, although The Master’s capacity to dominate — even by stare and voice alone — has been shown to be far more pronounced.

In many ways, we have the same mind. In “The End of Time,” The Master uses a kind of psychic technique, previously used by The Doctor to read the minds of others, allowing The Doctor to hear the constant ‘drumming’ inside The Master’s mind. In the original Doctor Who series, The Master’s TARDISes have had fully functioning chameleon circuits , having appeared as various things, including a horsebox , [8] a spaceship, [11] a fir tree, [42] a computer bank , [43] a grandfather clock , [6] [16] a fluted architectural column , [39] [40] [42] an iron maiden , [41] a fireplace , [39] a British Airways jet, [40] a cottage [44] and a triangular column.

She used a pair of them which were linked to one another, to transport herself and Clara Oswald to The Doctor’s ‘farewell party’ in medieval Essex “The Magician’s Apprentice”.

They are destroyed in ” The Witch’s Familiar ” when, to avoid being killed by Daleks , they channel energy from the Daleks’ weapons to teleport them away, looking as if they were exterminated. This is the first time since the show’s revival that The Master’s TARDIS interior is shown on screen and is noted to be the same size on the inside albeit when he was trying to deflect suspicion from himself.

The Master’s weapon of choice in the original show’s run was the “tissue compression eliminator,” which shrinks its target to doll-like proportions, killing them in the process. Its appearance is similar to that of The Doctor’s tool, the sonic screwdriver. Despite his own fondness for the weapon, Russell T Davies decided against bringing it back for The Master’s reappearance in ” The Sound of Drums ” because The Master had too many new “tricks” to use against The Doctor.

During the course of ” The Sound of Drums ,” The Master unveils a new handheld weapon: a laser screwdriver. The device functions as a powerful laser weapon, capable of killing with a single shot. It also carries the ability to age victims rapidly using a miniaturized version of the genetic manipulator developed by Professor Lazarus ” The Lazarus Experiment “. The screwdriver is biometrically secured so that only The Master can use it.

After being stabbed by Missy, The Master shoots her with the laser screwdriver at “full blast,” which will prevent her regeneration and kill her permanently. It also contains a weapon that she uses to disintegrate Dr. Chang, Osgood, and Seb. It allowed her to control airborne planes after she had frozen them in time and simultaneously disintegrate several UNIT guards. A more unusual feature, demonstrated in “Death in Heaven,” allows her to travel through the air like Mary Poppins.

Missy says her brooch contains a Gallifreyan Dark Star alloy pin, given to her by The Doctor “when my daughter In “The Doctor Falls,” Missy uses a small blade concealed in her sleeve to stab her own past self, triggering his off-screen regeneration. In “Spyfall,” the Tissue Compression Eliminator returns as The Master, having regained his manic state, reveals he used it to steal the identity of an ally of The Doctor’s.

He also used it to bring The Doctor to his mercy by threatening to use it on people in The Master has featured in numerous Doctor Who spin-offs. One of the most notable of these other appearances is David A. The Master’s past with the Doctor is explored somewhat in The Dark Path , which reveals that his name before taking the alias of the Master is Koschei , when he encounters the Second Doctor during their travels.

Although initially a somewhat anti-heroic version of the Doctor, willing to murder the first option to save the day but generally still trying to do the right, Koschei turns to evil and becomes the Master after he discovers that his companion and lover, Ailla, is an undercover agent of the Celestial Intervention Agency sent to spy on him. During the course of the novel, Ailla is shot and killed, with Koschei not knowing that she is a Time Lord and will simply regenerate, completing a time-based weapon to benefit the anti-alien efforts of soldiers from Earth’s Empire in an attempt to bring her back.

The weapon is used to destroy the planet Teriliptus and its inhabitants. Still, when Ailla turns up alive, the knowledge that he has destroyed a planet for nothing, coupled with the revelation of Ailla’s betrayal, proves too much. Koschei resolves to bring his own order to the universe at the expense of free will and becoming its Master.

Thanks to the Doctor reprogramming his weapon, Koschei is trapped in a black hole at the end of the novel, with it being left uncertain how he will escape. The Face of the Enemy centres around the Delgado-era Master, but includes a cameo by a Koschei from an alternate timeline specifically, the timeline the Third Doctor visited in Inferno who never became the Master. He is subsequently captured and forced to work for the fascist rulers, who keep him alive, in agony, using life support systems.

When the Master, crossing over from the other universe, learns of this, he ends his counterpart’s life in a rare moment of compassion. In Last of the Gaderene , the Master, disguised as Police Inspector Lemaitre, assists an alien race called the Gaderene to invade Earth, starting with a small village. The eponymous genie spends much of the novel impersonating the Master, who is in fact controlling him: the real Master appears in the novel’s epilogue, buying a Chinese takeaway.

The reason the Master is so emaciated when he appears in The Deadly Assassin is explored in John Peel ‘s novel Legacy of the Daleks , in which he attempts to capture the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan Foreman , resulting in an out-of-sequence encounter with the Eighth Doctor when the Doctor receives a telepathic cry of distress from Susan and attempts to trace it back to before its origin.

After Susan escapes, the dying Master is eventually found by Chancellor Goth on the planet Tersurus, which leads directly into the events of The Deadly Assassin. In this novel, he poses as a Serbian businessman called Gospodar – prompting the Sixth Doctor to wonder if he’s “running out of languages”- while attempting to subvert the power of the higher dimensions to turn himself into a god.

As the novel concludes, the Master briefly regresses to his crippled and burned form while the Doctor absorbs more of the excess energy to delay the Quantum Archangel on her level, but the story ends with the Master having restored himself to physical health with a boost of the last dregs of higher-dimensional power although he is apparently subsequently attacked by a group of chronovores. First Frontier shows the Master apparently the Ainley version finally acquiring a new body, [54] who according to McIntee is based on the cinema persona of Basil Rathbone [ citation needed ] , using nanites provided by the alien race known as the Tzun in exchange for his help in setting up their ‘invasion’ of Earth.

This incarnation reappears in Happy Endings by Paul Cornell , Virgin Publishing’s celebratory fiftieth Virgin New Adventures novel, once again trying to restore his ability to regenerate, suggesting that the Tzun nanites failed to sustain him long-term. After the broadcast of the television movie, some fans [ vague ] [ who? Before the end of the Virgin Missing Adventures series, the Delgado version of The Master appeared in the novel Who Killed Kennedy , depicting him setting up a complex plan to manipulate a journalist to bother UNIT by convincing him that they are part of a corrupt conspiracy, which, while published by Virgin, was not considered part of the Missing Adventures series.

Gallifrey and the Time Lords are destroyed in the Eighth Doctor Adventures novel The Ancestor Cell , [57] but in The Adventuress of Henrietta Street a mysterious stranger wearing a rosette appears [58] who could have been the Master, [ citation needed ] somehow surviving the cataclysm. In Lance Parkin ‘s The Gallifrey Chronicles , a surviving Time Lord named Marnal appears, and it is implied that he may have been the Master’s father, as he mentions being visited by his Time Lord son in the 70s, which matches up with the Delgado Master.

The entity within the Eye refers to itself as an “echo”, [ citation needed ] thus leaving scope for the real Master to be elsewhere. Another version of the Master appears in The Infinity Doctors also by Parkin , where he is known as the Magistrate and is, once again, the Doctor’s friend, although when this takes place in continuity is unclear. During the Faction Paradox arc that runs through the Eighth Doctor Adventures, a character known as the War King is featured, which is implied to be a future incarnation of the Master.

The Master plans to use a living entity to harness Arton Energy, only for the Doctor to thwart his plans. The Master returns in a new body and guise, that of a street preacher, in the previously mentioned the DWM comic strip story The Fallen , although the Doctor does not recognize him.

The Master had survived the events of the television movie by encountering a cosmic being named Esterath in the time vortex. Esterath controls the Glory, the focal point of the Omniversal spectrum which underlies all existence.

The Master’s scheme to take control of the Glory fails, and he is banished to parts unknown see Kroton. In the IDW publication Prisoners of Time , a issue series to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who , the Master drawn based on Ainley’s portrayal plays a major part. He is the villain in No.

The Ainley Master is revealed to have teamed up with the Ninth Doctor ‘s disgraced ex-companion Adam Mitchell , who is travelling through time kidnapping the Doctor’s companions as revenge, the Master having presented himself as another ‘victim’ of the Doctor rather than the villain he truly is. His role in the plan after Adam abducts Clara Oswald culminates in an out-of-sequence encounter with the Eleventh Doctor , the Doctor observing that it has been a pleasantly long time since he saw this version of the Master.

However, when the Eleventh Doctor manages to summon his previous ten selves to Adam’s fortress to rescue their companions when Adam threatens to kill them all, the Master reveals that his true plan is to channel his stolen chronal energies through the Doctors’ combined TARDIS es, thus destroying the Universe. Horrified at the Master’s evil scale and encouraged to take action by Rose and the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors, Adam stands up to the Master, sacrificing himself to disable the Master’s equipment.

The Master escapes, noting that he enjoyed the chance to cause further chaos, but his plan has been thwarted. This is the only story in any medium as of April [update] in which the Ninth and Eleventh Doctors encounter the Master. Titan Comics published a series of comics which included a Master who was a contemporary of the War Doctor.

This Master has the appearance of a young boy. In his final appearance, he regenerated into the Derek Jacobi incarnation seen in “Utopia”. The Master has made regular appearances in various audio plays produced by Big Finish. The story reveals that at some point after Survival , the Master’s Trakenite body is damaged when he attempts to take control of a psychic weapon trapped in the painting The Scream , which returns him to his walking corpse state once again.

He is presented using the alias Mr Seta, another anagram of Master. In Master , the origin of the Master and the Doctor’s enmity is explored. As children, a school bully attempted to drown the Master but was killed by the Doctor in defence. Unable to cope with the guilt and grief, the young Doctor made a deal with Death to take away his pain, inadvertently transferring the memories and guilt of the murder to the Master. In the main plot, the Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy has made another deal with Death to remove the Master’s memory and let him live in peace for ten years, in exchange for the Master then becoming Death’s Champion.

Upon learning this, the Master absolves the Doctor of his actions as a child before having his memories restored and becoming Death’s servant once again. In this version of events, an alternate Third Doctor — now voiced by David Warner — does not arrive for his exile on Earth until Without the Doctor’s help, UNIT was unable to cope with a series of extraterrestrial disasters, and the political landscape of the planet changed drastically.

Stranded on Earth, the Master worked as an advisor to the United Nations. He later escapes to Benny’s universe and is recruited by the Daleks to stop a plan by the War Master that threatens to destroy the universe. The Master was set to appear in the television story The Hollows of Time , proposed for the show’s 23rd season but ultimately never produced. When Big Finish adapted the story for their Lost Stories range, while Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant voiced their original roles as the Sixth Doctor and Peri , rights to the Master could not be obtained and Anthony Ainley had died , so the role of Professor Stream originally meant as the Master’s alias—another anagram was played by David Garfield and left ambiguous as to his true identity, the story presented as a semi-flashback with the Doctor and Peri’s memories distorted so that they cannot clearly recall certain key details.

Alex Macqueen plays a new incarnation of the Master — existing after Eric Roberts ‘ incarnation and the subsequent corpse form played by Beevers — in the Seventh Doctor release UNIT: Dominion pretending to be a future version of the Doctor before his true identity is revealed.

To mark forty-five years since the Master’s first appearance, Big Finish released a trilogy of stories featuring the Geoffrey Beevers and Alex Macqueen incarnations of the Master in In both stories, the two Masters are characterized very differently from their previous appearances. In the final story of the trilogy — The Two Masters — it is explained that the two Masters swapped bodies after the Macqueen Master went back in time and caused the event that gave the Beevers Master his emaciated corpse form.

This results in a universe-destroying paradox fixed by the Seventh Doctor , returning the two Masters to their rightful bodies and erasing their memories of the events. In December , Derek Jacobi reprised his role as the Master for The War Master , an ongoing series of audios set during the Time War , having originally appeared in the episode “Utopia”.

Subsequent series occur earlier in the War Master’s life and depict him getting involved with various battles in the Time War, sometimes at the behest of the Time Lords and sometimes for his own ends. Mark Gatiss made a guest appearance as the alternate-universe Master in series four. Paul McGann briefly plays the Master in series five. In May , it was announced that the fifth series of The Diary of River Song would feature the title character, River Song , encountering four incarnations of the Master.

Like Jacobi, Michelle Gomez also performs her incarnation of the Master renamed Missy for an ongoing audio series. It is explained that, after her “poetic” death at the hands of her predecessor, Missy used an Elysian field to transfer her consciousness into a duplicate body created from her own dying cells and trigger regeneration.

Motivated by her recent attempt at redemption, she edited the duplicate to remove all the negative aspects of her personality and became a benevolent force in the universe, adopting the title Lumiat.

Missy encounters the Lumiat trying to undo some of her earlier incarnation’s evil deeds. Sickened by her future self, Missy kills the Lumiat with a TCE and abandons her to regenerate, implying the process might cause them to return to evil. In Planet of Dust , the Doctor and his companions encounter the Burnt Master Beevers on the planet Parrak, where it is explained that he has once again returned to his emaciated corpse form following his time in the body of Bruce Roberts before being killed by the Ravenous.

By the end of the story, the War Master, Missy, and the Bruce Master are sent by the Time Lords to the tomb where the Burnt Master is buried, using technology acquired earlier in the story to grant him a new regeneration cycle and, it is implied, turning him into the Alex Macqueen incarnation of the Master. The story also suggests the Bruce Master has his memory wiped and is flung into the time vortex by his future selves, ultimately leading him back to Parrak in his Burnt Master form to preserve the timeline.

In January , to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Master’s first television appearance, Big Finish released Masterful , a three-part special written by James Goss uniting every living television and audio incarnation of the Master other than Sacha Dhawan due to licensing. In the story, the Saxon Master has killed the Doctor and taken control of the universe using an entropy wave that has destabilized his body and threatens to destroy the universe.

He summons his previous selves in an attempt to steal their lives and heal himself. The intervention of Missy, the alternate-universe Master and Jo Grant thwarts Saxon’s plans and, after discovering that the entropy wave is a sentient manifestation of the Master from the future — their final incarnation, a being of pure rage and insanity — the War Master kills his other incarnations including himself to cause a paradox and return the universe to normal.

The special edition release included an original audiobook Terror of the Master written by Trevor Baxendale , narrated by Jon Culshaw, featuring the Delgado Master. Roberts returned as the Master once again in March for a three-part special release entitled Master!

Following the events of Ravenous , the Master is rescued from the vortex by a scientist named Lila Kreeg Laura Aikman — whom the Master had manipulated using a psychic link into freeing him — and steals the identity of a business magnate on twenty-third century Earth.

Vienna is hired by the Daleks to assassinate the Master but, with Kreeg’s help, succeeds only in sending the Master back into the time vortex. A second series – Nemesis Express – will be released in October The story ends with him left in in possession of a human male’s body. Martha Jones ‘ year long journey across a Master-controlled planet Earth is detailed in the short story collection The Story of Martha , which was released on 26 December In , an android version of the character resembling the Delgado version of the Master and voiced by Derek Jacobi appeared in the animated webcast Scream of the Shalka.

This version of the Master exists as a companion to the Doctor, albeit a slightly sinister one. Exactly why the Doctor created an android duplicate of the Master is not stated, but it is revealed the Master was faced with the choice of permanent death or one last chance at life on a leash to make amends for the harm he had caused over the years. Able to pilot the Doctor’s TARDIS but physically unable to leave the ship, this version’s Master may have has some psychic abilities but if so they are far weaker than those he once possessed.

To promote the audio series Master! The Doctor Who role-playing game published by FASA in has two modules outlining the Master’s personal history, a timeline of his activities, and an inventory of much of the equipment he has obtained during his travels. Most notably, the modules identify the Meddling Monk as an alias the Master has used in his early attempts to alter the history of Earth.

The actors who have played the role of the Master in the series and the dates of their first and last televised appearances in the role are:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Recurring character in the British television science fiction series Doctor Who. Fictional character. The Master as portrayed on-screen in chronological order, left to right from top row. This section has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

This section only references primary sources. Please help improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. BBC portal Doctor Who portal. Retrieved 17 September BBC Archive. Archived from the original on 16 April Retrieved 25 December Doctor Who Interview Archive.

Retrieved 2 March Doctor Who Magazine. The Mind Robber. Doctor Who. BBC One. The Deadly Assassin. The Sea Devils. Terror of the Autons. The Mind of Evil. The Claws of Axos. Colony in Space. Frontier in Space.


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Sadira Included with Game Pass. Thunder Included with Game Pass. Show more. Sign in with your Microsoft account to view. May contain mature content. To help you get ready to break some combos, we’ve put together this FAQ to cover any questions before you jump in.

A: Killer Instinct is the premier fighting game on Xbox One. The Definitive Edition includes all content that has been released since Killer Instincts original launch. This includes:. Q: Wow, that’s a lot of stuff!

How much will Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition cost? Q: When is the release of Killer instinct: Definitive Edition?

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