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And then they vanished. Atmospheric 1, If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. This land could provide for people, we think.


Top 5 free open-world survival games in PC edition


What’s Popular. Top Rated. Results exclude some products based on your preferences. Free To Play. Open World , Survival , Zombies , Post-apocalyptic. Free to Play. Horror , Multiplayer , Action , Sci-fi. Adventure , Exploration , Sandbox , Survival. Early Access , Sandbox , Exploration , Mining. No results found.

Showing 1 – 15 of results. Browse All New Releases. Survival , Crafting , Multiplayer , Open World. Survival , Shooter , Multiplayer , Battle Royale. Survival , Zombies , Multiplayer , Open World. Hunting , Open World , Multiplayer , Simulation. Showing 1 – 15 of 4, results. Browse All Top Sellers. Survival , Zombies , Voxel , Open World. Unturned allows gamers to create custom maps, cosmetics and even mods with the in-game editor.

Players can then choose to publish these maps to the Steam Workshop. The game has both a single-player and an online multiplayer mode, along with a variety of other game-modes. You can look at the video below to get a better idea of the best open-world survival games for PC. New User posted their first comment.

Log in. Manage your profile. Open-world survival games are immensely popular in the gaming community Image Credits: Steam. Rishabh B. Modified 23 Jul In this article, we look at the top 5 free open-world survival games in Also Read Story Continues below. Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh 21 Reactions. Sort by: Most popular Recent Most upvotes. Show More Comments. Darkwood is so thick with dread that you almost have to wade through the forest. Board up windows, move furniture around, set traps underneath windows and next to doors, and then wait.

Eventually, your barricades will be smashed into splinters. While other survival games pit you against a bleak, often zombie-ridden hellscape, Raft casts you out to sea. Trapped all alone or with a bunch of friends if you play in co-op on your titular pile of wooden planks with no land as far as the eye can see, Raft is a bit like the video game equivalent of The Life of Pi.

Except instead of trying to stay alive with a hungry tiger as your marooned next door neighbour, it’s the sharks you’ve got to worry about in this early access briny survival sim, as they’ll chomp chomp chomp their way through practically anything they can fit into their toothy maws – including that rickety raft of yours.

Fortunately, Raft isn’t just about defending your newfound home from the terrors of the deep. While hunger and thirst levels must be perpetually topped up, Raft also lets you indulge your slightly sillier side, giving you the scope to craft multi-storey palaces if you so wish, replete with shark head trophies and any other bits and bobs you find floating in the ocean.

And goodness is there a lot of flotsam swimming about in Raft. Whatever happened to the wider world out there, you’ll find a lot of it’s ended up in the sea. And then they vanished. We panicked, of course, and ran deeper into the forest. They dashed between trees, silently, and it was impossible to tell how many of them there were. There could have been two or three, or a whole army of them. We were lost and frantic and, finally, unconscious. When we woke up, we were in their larder, surrounded by meat.

Human meat. The Forest is a stressful, terrifying nightmare. You can surround your base with traps and fortifications, taunting the cannibals to try their luck. Your first instinct might be to conflate Terraria with a 2D Minecraft, what with all the mining and crafting, but Terraria pinches just as much from action games and RPGs , sending you below the surface of its randomly-generated worlds to kill monsters and snatch loot.

And because every dungeon worth its salt has a village full of people ready to help adventuring heroes, you can build one yourself. The further into it you get, the more wild it becomes. Playing Astroneer makes us incredibly happy. With that taken care off, you can start expanding quickly, going on long expeditions into gorgeous alien frontiers.

Even without the struggle, Astroneer has plenty of momentum. Between this and Frostpunk, it’s clear that 11 bit Studios clearly have a knack for creating bleak, yet tense survival management games. This War of Mine is set during a fictional war, tasking you with looking after a small group of survivors stuck inside a besieged city.

There are so many demands, but so few problems you can solve at once. When the sun goes down, you can choose a survivor to send out into the darkness, to search for supplies in the ruined city.

Terrible things happen out there. Your survivor might have to commit horrific acts to get the medicine and food their friends need, returning to the base covered in emotional scars. Guilt and shame can weigh on survivors, making them lose their appetite and even their will to live. Killer bees, territorial pig men and giant, one-eyed birds can all send you to an early grave, but other dangers are less tangible.

Even your own mind can become an enemy, summoning shadowy hallucinations whose attacks are all too real. Every step you take away from the safety of your campfire or base puts you more at risk, but the call of adventure is alluring. This is a game where a little scratch can ultimately kill you. The elaborate simulation means that surviving amounts to more than just keeping colonists well-fed. And what if that colonist is also the only doctor? Now, if someone gets badly injured, which is bound to happen, they might not be able to get the medical aid they so desperately require.

Everything from stress to unseasonably hot weather can spell doom for your colony. There are just so many wildly different paths to take. Its episodic story mode, Wintermute, serves as a gentle introduction to its harsh, yet beautiful world, but it’s the game’s survival mode that’s the true, open-ended test of your mettle, dropping you into a freezing world and then leaving you to find your own way.

Getting ready to leave the shelter feels like planning a wilderness expedition. There are lots of fascinating interpretations of the survival genre in this list, but The Long Dark sticks to the fundamentals and works magic with them.

Instead of filling journeys from A to B with enemies, competing players and more junk than you could possibly know what to do with, The Long Dark fills them with atmosphere.

The map is a starkly beautiful slice of Canadian wilderness, so who could be blamed for taking a break from scavenging to snap a few shots? Stuck on an underwater planet, you must delve below the waves to find food and resources, eventually constructing you very own underwater bases and submersible vehicles.

Vehicles, air pumps and oxygen tanks allow you to stay under for longer, however, and the more familiar you become with the world, the more the ocean starts to become home. Massive forests of kelp, labyrinthine underwater caves, infinite voids that contain creatures the size of small islands – every biome feels like its own little world. The Sunday Papers. What are we all playing this weekend? The 26 best horror games on PC to play in Descenders is a fun mountain biking game wrapped in a bland roguelike.

Today’s Wordle answer Monday 8 August. Today’s Wordle answer Sunday 7 August. I am not good at The Final Earth 2. Why are there no games about running? If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. In fact, it’s right here: Watch on YouTube.

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