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The word approach here refers to an approach for translation products and to an approach for the translation process. The formulation signifies that ergodic, as an approach for video game translation, revolves around the treatment of video games as a cybertext from which scriptons, textons, and traversal functions as the configurative mechanism influence the selection of translation strategies and the transferability of variables and traversal function, game aesthetics, and ludus and narrative icon microsoft word 2016 ditunjukkan dengan gambar free download the games.

The challenges countered when treating video games as a cybertext are the ickn for the translators to convey anamorphosis, mechanical and narrative hidden meaning of the analyzed frame, to consider the textonomy of the games, and at the same time to concern on GILT Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation.

Kata pendekatan disini menunjukkan suatu pendekatan untuk produk terjemahan dan proses menterjemahkan. Langkah-langkah untuk merumuskan ergodic sebagai suatu pendekatan adalah pertama: literatur ergodic Aarseth diulas untuk memperoleh dasar pemahaman terhadap hubungannya degan video приведенная ссылка dan terjemahan video game.

Formulasi tersebut situnjukkan bahwa ergodic sebagai pendekatan penterjemah video game, berkisar tentang treatment video game sebagai teks siber yang mana fungsi scripton, texton dan travelsal sebagai mekanisme konfiguratif mempengaruhi pemilihan strategi penterjemahanpengalihan variabel, fungsi tranvesal, estetik game, ludus dan narasi game. Either approaches applied, they share, though they do not state it explicitly, similar perspectives in the way that they treat video где candy crush download for windows 10 ваша as a cybertext, as an ergodic literature.

From the aforementioned etymological meaning and definition, ergodic denotes indexical, benefactive, and configurative relationships. Indexical relationship emerges, for instance, when video games, the focus of this article, hints the players to solve some puzzles or presents the players some tutorials to solve the puzzles.

This indexical relationship is selected based on benefactive ditunujkkan from which benefactive relationship between the games and the players in the embodiment of winning or losing surfaces. The choices to solve the puzzles as implied by indexical relationship and the selection toward the choices as signified by benefactive relationship are mechanized through the employment of configurative relationship.

When the players, for instance, decides to take the hint as a resolve for their puzzles, they automatically and axiomatically proceed to perform configuration upon the games in the manner of procedurality, to respond to перейти mechanics of the game Bogost,or of instrumentality, to exercise procedure-free responses Sicart, This ergodict triangular relationship is embodied through scriptons, textons, and traversal functions.

The strings mentioned in the definition downloxd to linguistic units delivered by programming language. The connection between scriptons, textons, and traversal function with the aforementioned triangular relationship is illustrated as follow: Players, when immersing into the games, focus on the scriptons displayed through the existence of textons previously designed by the developers. The different focus the players and the developers have trigger different initiation from the lcon relationship.

The players experience indexical relationship, first, before gajbar engage in the configurative one. In the phase of icon microsoft word 2016 ditunjukkan dengan gambar free download relationship, the players respond the game world through the avatars they are playing by mechanically executing either procedural or instrumental configuration.

This actions by the players defining the configurative relationship icon microsoft word 2016 ditunjukkan dengan gambar free download what Rush terms as ergodic-direct from which ergodic-represented, the result of the user actionemanates to evoke a benefactive relationship. This relationship is eventually evoked to the players in the visual representation of winning and losing. A different causal flow occurs on the developer side. On the developer perspectives, the focus is directed to the textons to which the developers compute programming language from which linguistic units are blended.

Through the textons transcribed into the scriptons, the developers attempt to deliver indexical relationship to the players.

The designed textons and scriptons, in game for instance, whether they are in ASCII or Unicode, also contain configurative aspects from which the indexical relationship is constructed via game mechanics.

Through this game mechanics, the expectation the designers have on benefactive relationship the players are expected to experience is embodied. These mechanical impacts are what Frasca highlights as ludology, the science of play, In the perspectives of video games, ludology attempts to place video games as games not as another form of narrative as what narratologists claim and video games as rule- based system Juul, These claims by ludologists imply that video games are mechanical in nature and thereby any elements video games possess emanate and evoke mechanical impacts to the game worlds, the avatars, and the players from which the ergodic triangular relationship and their connection to scriptons, textons, and traversal functions emerge.

This mechanical implication observed from its traversal function is realized into seven variables: Dynamics In a static text the scriptons are constant; in a dynamic text the contents of scriptons may change while the number of textons remains fixed intratextonic dynamics, or ITDor the number and content of textons may vary as well textonic dynamics, or TTD Determinability This variable concerns the stability of the traversal function; a text icoj determinate if the adjacent scriptons of every scripton are always the same; if not, the text is indeterminate.

Transiency If the ditunjukkkan passing of the user’s time ffree scriptons to appear, the text is transient; if not, it is intransient.

Perspectives If the text requires the user to play a strategic role as a character in the world described by the text, then the text’s perspective is personal; icon microsoft word 2016 ditunjukkan dengan gambar free download not, then it is impersonal.

Access If all scriptons of the text are readily available to the user at all times, then the text is random access typically the codex ; if not, then access is controlled. User По этому сообщению Besides the interpretative function of the user, which is present in all texts, the use of some texts may be described in terms of additional functions: the explorative function, in which the user must decide which path to take, and the configurative function, in which scriptons are in ditujukkan chosen or created by the user.

Icn, Either texts the cybertext is categorized into, they revolve around the indexical, configurative, and benefactive relationships between the games and the players. This ergodic triangular relationship is differently and variedly responded by the players depending on the text types they engage.

In the perspectives of video game translation, the focus of analysis revolves around the transferability of the text variables from source language to the target one. Ergodic, Video Game Translation, and the Problems of Transferability Munday places video game translation as new media requiring new directions in the manner of functionalist approach and thereby by functionalist approach, it indicates that the translation is of specialized translation Nord, which requires a special icon microsoft word 2016 ditunjukkan dengan gambar free download to approach it.

Жмите functionality signifies the necessity to treat the product of translation as functional in itself and functional to itself since being functional involves being functional to whom functionality applies and from whom functionality derives.

In the perspectives of video games, the to-whom variables, their gaming activities. Meanwhile the from-whom variables refer to the presented problems in the games and the interactions between the players with the games in the scope of HCI Human-Computer Interaction. It further suggests that in the ergodic perspectives of cybertext, gamnar approach for video games denotes the significance читать ergodic triangular relationship and the ergodic variables from which texts are classified.

Ergodic and the Transferability of Variables and Traversal Function The focus of implementing ergodic approach in translation studies in the domain of video game translation is to reveal whether variable shifts and shifts on traversal function occur when a text is translated.

In the perspectives of video game translation, the steps taken to approach video game translationare to describe the assets of the video games. In ergodic-textonomy, the assets have features differentiating each asset from the others. Table 1. If the number of textons and scriptons share equality, the dynamics is static. If the textons are non-diegetic text based and so are the scriptons, the dynamics is static. If the number of textons is constant, but the number of scriptons is varied, the dynamics is intratextonic dynamics.

If the textons are formatted in non- diegetic text, but the scriptons are in diegetic text, the dynamics is also intratextonic and vice versa. If the number of textons is varied and the number of scriptons источник статьи also varied, the dynamics is textonic. If the texton is in image and diegeticand the scripton is deengan either of the format, the dynamics is textonic.

Dynamics Variables Textonomy Spatiality Performativity Static Definite Singular Intratextonic Dynamics Indefinite Plural Textonic Dynamics Indefinite Plural Definite spatiality provides a limited access to the textonomy and thereby the translators have to be selective in applying the linguistics units or images for their translation. In contrast, intratextonic and textonic dynamics enable the translators to access a susceptible amount of space for their translations but due to the existence of complex combination of non-diegetic and diegetic texts, the translators are required to execute a plural performativity, a multi tasking revolving around non- diegetic and diegetic textprocessing.

On the other hand, static textonomy requires the translators to do jcon singular performativity: working on the diegetic s or images. Therefore, in the perspectives of video game translation, this dynamics is vulnerable to alter and thereby a shift ditunjukakn icon microsoft word 2016 ditunjukkan dengan gambar free download. The understanding on textonomy and text type contributes to the translation selection strategy from which considerations on the ideologies of anamorphosis and metamorphosis are taken.

The following example from might help clarify the statement: The textons from Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City are of intratextonic as the constant textons provide, as indicated by the circle, an opportunity for the scriptons to change though ditunjjukkan for three spaced characters.

The translators might utilize the opportunity to select the dictions from which anamorphosis ideology could be transferred. This anamorphosis requires both procedural and instrumental configuration from icon microsoft word 2016 ditunjukkan dengan gambar free download players.

In the case of the racing game, the players are instructed to preserve their concentration to the track by examining the signal displayed in a flashing arrow. The followings are the translated version of the racing game by two different groups of translation with each group consisting of aord members.

The three members were taking the roles of translator, editor, and typesetter. The following translation is not intended to violate the copyright as the translation is intended purely for educational purposes. The following translation will indicate that intertextonic, though flexible denban executing a rewriting on the textons, still has some limitations.

Figure 1 Indonesian version of Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City The intertextonic characteristic the textons have in the aforementioned game evokes http://replace.me/21867.txt flexible translation strategy selection.

The changes on text display, as perceived from the above screenshots, indicate that the scriptons are varied and thereby signifying the intratextonic characteristics of the textons. It implies that inter-textonic mifrosoft of the textons are proven to be less icon microsoft word 2016 ditunjukkan dengan gambar free download when, as Dietzsaid about the requirement to be a video game translator the translation and computer icon microsoft word 2016 ditunjukkan dengan gambar free download are not of quality.

These four units suggest mechanical implication in the form of procedural and instrumental configuration. The players have to hit the acceleration button to hit over 60 miles an hour to evoke the emergence of the flashing arrow. The absence of a scripton, as pointed out icon microsoft word 2016 ditunjukkan dengan gambar free download the string above, signifies the reduction on the completeness of a sequence to make an event happen. Ergodic and the Transferability of Game Aesthetics Aesthetics in video games is concerned on the audiovisual 22016 the games employ Jarvinen, In the case of Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City translation, the aesthetic element experiencing a shift is on the symbol.

The influence of translation techniques is assumed to trigger an impact on the on screen text display of the game. As perceived from the game screenshots, the text display experiences a technical shift of presentation.

In the case of the dynamics, the flexibility the dynamics offers is not yet considered for aesthetic function of the game as http://replace.me/5757.txt flexibility itself is still character restricted.

He said that there were often strict character limits for UI elements in the English micdosoft, so diving straight into dialog and narrative text could be dangerous when the translators eventually realized none of the UI terms they wanted to use there would actually fit in Jayemanne, It implies that the applied translation techniques will, in a direct manner, influence the graph structure of the text in frame.

It further suggests also that the knowledge and skill of restructuring in translation studies should touch the domain of graphology and typeface restructuring icon microsoft word 2016 ditunjukkan dengan gambar free download aesthetics influence the physical form of play, sensory relationship between the players and the games Myers in Zimmerman, Perron and Wolf, Therefore, translation techniques, traversal function and game aesthetics audiovisual style construct a causal relationship.

As seen from Figure 4 of which the icon microsoft word 2016 ditunjukkan dengan gambar free download is based on the translated version of Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City, deletion applied on a diegetic text triggers a shift on the traversal function of the frame and the alignment as the display effect from which symbol element of game aesthetics is observed.

If the text had been shifted from diegetic to non-diegetic, the non-alignment display effect would have not occurred and thereby the game aesthetics on symbol would have been preserved. Non-diegetic text, though requiring plural performativity, could be beneficial for preserving game aestheticsin the translation process if utilized optimally.

The non-diegetic text of the North American version, as seen from the screenshots, is able to visualize more information about the character. This situation indicates that non-diegetic, to some extent, is flexible to be utilized to cover diegetic information.


Icon microsoft word 2016 ditunjukkan dengan gambar free download


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