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TV show or movie has sound issues. Choose the sound problem you’re experiencing. Choppy, stuttering, high-pitched, or distorted sound. The only way to fix the issue is by resetting the audio setting of Netflix. Before getting into the internal settings, make sure the sound.


Smart TV Netflix No Sound/Audio or Sound Out of Sync – Ready To DIY


No Sound Using Netflix. I am trying to watch a movie on Netflix and the audio does not work. There is no sound. Is this an issue with Netflix or an issue with my equipment? I am using Roku and sometimes my Xbox or Playstation to watch Netflix. Do you know what I have to do to get Netflix to get sound?

I have the same issue sometimes with all 3 of the devices I mentioned when trying to stream. If your streaming device is connected directly to the TV you may not be getting sound from Netflix because you are trying to stream in surround sound 5. Some movies or TV shows streamed from Netflix do not stream the proper audio output for the audio selection you are using, therfore you cannot hear the sound.

You will need to go into the audio settings of the device you are using and change the surround sound to anything but 5. Try using a non 5. This should fix the issue and Netflix will have sound. If this still does not work, disconnect your modem and router for 30 seconds, reset the device you are using to stream Netflix, and reset or restart your TV. If you have surround sound connected to your TV and you hear no sound when streaming Netflix, go into the settings of your surround sound component and change the setting to anything but 5.

By changing the audio setting to something besides 5. If Best Quality Available does not fix the problem, select the Stereo audio setting. This should fix the issue with Neflix not getting sound and you will now be able to hear sound from your Apple device. CH Your Playstation should now play Netflix and the sound will be heard. This is important information directly from Netflix: If the movie or TV show you are watching has 5.

Please note that not every episode or season of a 5. However, it is supported in the Netflix app for Windows 8 and Windows To check if your device supports 5.

If not, your device may not support this feature, or it may need to be turned on. Have other issues with Netflix not getting sound and cannot get it resolved? Please leave your issue below and include what component or device you are using and we will be happy to assist you. I have a samsung smart tv, I get sound on every app watching. I get sound on netflix when scrolling thru to pick a movie but when I choose one to watch the sound works at first then when movie starts no sound.

Do I need to reload netflix on smart tv? Carol, Netflix — The sound works at first then when movie starts no sound. Are you using a sound bar or surround sound when watching Netflix or are you using the TV speakers? I have a Westinghouse Roku installed tv. Netflix is the only low station. No sound when using a projector with my iPhone to watch Netflix. I cannot get sound on Netflix Help.

I have Sharp Roku TV. I can see Netflix videos but no sound. It has been working perfectly for a few years and since yesterday all of a sudden there is no sound. I have sound with cable TV but not with Netflix or Youtube. I have surround sound with 5 speakers and subwoofer hooked up to Yamaha rx-a AV receiver.

Mary C Lutkenhaus, Most likely you have the audio cable in the wrong input. How do you watch Netflix or Youtube? Share this:.


Sound not working on netflix

Hence, for this time around, you can change it up and turn on your secondary devices first followed by the TV and vice versa. If you’re using a sound bar, audio receiver, surround sound system, or other external audio device, disconnect больше информации speaker system and use the default setup.

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