About Us

Oz Istanbul is one of the largest and leading business group worldwide with the head office based in Istanbul, Turkey. It has 18 offices to cater the needs of locals and foreign nationals in different sectors.

Our team is comprising of experts in different sectors provides comprehensive consulting services and solution to the customers worldwide. WE offers our clients customizes and personalized solutions.

Additionally, Oz Istanbul is committed to provide higher service standard in order to outsource investment management for its clients.

Oz Istanbul Education is owned by Oz Istanbul group of companies, a privately held corporation and group of companies that operates in various sectors including real estate, Immigration Services, law consultancy and many other services for foreigners in Turkey

It is one of the prominent source of information regarding educational opportunities for foreign students abroad. It’s aim is to carry the awareness and Trust perception to a new dimension by Turkish universities. You can consult us about everything you need to know about University preferences, especially Turkish courses and foreign students exams

Our main target is language learning methodology methods for international students, wishing to study in Turkey. By using most modern techniques and methods in language courses, which enables to learn Turkish language and also help them prepare the necessary exams to continue the education in best universities of the country.

Oz Istanbul is your ideal education Institution for providing best educational and language courses, both online and on campus all Istanbul gives you the tool to create a plan according to your needs.