Turkish Special Visa Program

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January 28, 2023

Turkish Special Visa Program

What is the Turkish Language Special Visa Program?

Turkish Special Visa Program According to the latest government decree, foreigners can apply for a Turkish visa when they enroll in an accredited Turkish language course. Their chance of receiving visa and residence permit increases. The invitation letter and the enrolment document can be used as valid document to apply for the visa.

Turkish Special Visa Program

ÖZ İSTANBUl Services of Turkey Residence Agency

ÖZ İSTANBUl in all the Turkish Visa & Residence Permit Application processes with the Turkish Language Course Special Visa Program. Our services include:
a) Issuance of Official Invitation Letter to your name
b) Visa Application Support (Document checklist + 1-hour video conference
c) When you arrive in Turkey, we apply for the 1-year residence permit. (After 1 year, we will be able to extend it for another year)
d) Residence permit application support (face-to-face at our headquarters in Istanbul)
e) Life insurance (we cover the necessary life insurance fees)
f) 1-year Turkish Language Course tuition fee

We have also additional services. For additional services, you need to pay the extra service fee.
a) VIP Airport Shuttle when you arrive in Istanbul
b) Accommodation Search Support
c) Career support at your job search (CV writing and interview skills workshops)

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